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Allergan is a company that is well established in the world of cosmetic enhancement because of its life-changing neurotoxins and dermal fillers including Juvederm, Botox, and Surgiderm. However, Allergan also developed a product called Latisse which promises to improve the appearance of a person’s eyelashes.

Those who buy Latisse online will receive a compound consisting of bimatoprost, a synthetic replica of prostaglandin. The naturally occurring prostaglandin is responsible for regulating cell growth. As such, patients who purchase Latisse can expect to gain fuller, longer, and darker lashes in a matter of weeks.
The Studies Don’t Lie: Choosing to Buy Wholesale Latisse is a Great Investment

A clinical study was conducted in 16 cities around the United States to see the results of Latisse. Two hundred seventy eight participants chose to purchase Latisse for the study, ranging from ages 22 to 78. Among the test group, subjects reported their lashes were 25% longer, 18% darker, and 106% fuller than before the study began. The placebo group had results that weren’t even comparable.
Only Medical Professionals Should Order Latisse Online

Patients who buy wholesale Latisse must apply the product every night at home. Hence, it is important that they are properly coached on the safety procedures of Latisse before they use the product. Dermalfiller Medical Outlet only allows licensed cosmetic enhancement professionals order Latisse online in order to guarantee the safety of all the individuals who utilize the product. Upon placing an order for Latisse, you will be asked to provide proof of accreditation which will be verified in 12 to 48 hours. After this point, a shipment will be made to your desired location.

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